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Dry Oil Body Spray How Do You Make A Body Oil Spray?

How do you make a body oil spray? - dry oil body spray

I have several different shops and luxury bath with some spray oil for the body (sometimes also dry body oil spray). I am very interested in how they do it. Many personal care products are very expensive and I like to be sure that what I am in my body is all natural, no foreign chemicals.

I wonder how oil body spray, because my skin is very, (very dry all year and even worse in winter). I know that you can only use almond oil line, but I like the feeling of the jets, which I tried in the shops. They are moisturizing, but without the on-line pressure of heavy oil.

Who knows what I mean? Can someone tell me how? I think it mustI kind of blend of sweet almond oil, distilled water, vodka or ethyl alcohol / witch hazel ... or something. I would not spend twenty dollars for a product that will do at home with things that we might already have.

Thank you!


Sissy said...

These sites have some recipes. I do not know if what you want, but you can find what you want. ... ...

meg said...

Cyclomethicone is what feel the oil spray, "dry". It is based on silicone. Admittedly, not as natural as almond oil or mineral oil, but perhaps the only option if you want a dry oil. Google is to see, where to buy it.
______________________________________ ...
Cyclomethicone 15 ml
20 drops Sandalwood

16 drops ylang ylang III, or extra
10 drops Bergamot

Mix well and into a spray of perfume.
______________________________________ ...
1 oz oil company - that is, almond, avocado, apricot kernel,
1 oz Cyclomethicone
10 to 15 drops of fragrance oil or essential oil
1 until 2 ounces Spray Mister

Mix all ingredients in the master cylinder in the vicinitywith the master shake up well and is operational. Fog on the skin as you like and gently rub .. Residues of fat and skin supplied with moisture!

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said...

Make homemade body spray
Four recipes that body glitter spray insecticide, which can easily do at home in your spare time.
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Have you ever felt like a perfume or perfumed spray other people in your neighborhood? You need to get your scent to express your individuality? Have you a new body spray at home, but decided against it because of the cost and time?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, is the art of Body Spray Home! Spray the body does not need expensive and slow, as it can be fun and rewarding. First, you need a bottle of your choice. It can be as large or small as you want, but make sure that the spray is not great (you want a SLAcquisition of fog, no rain). If you are feeling extra creative decorating at home a bottle or a label for his new creation.

Have you kept for the spraying of an appropriate form, on a recipe that is good for you to decide decided. They choose to look at one of the recipes, or create your own levels.

Recipe # 1-A Simple Spray

This recipe is very simple rain. Add essential oils to a bottle of distilled water and shake well. Use as little or as much oil as you want, but note with pure essential oils, please describe that all safety precautions.

For example, this simple recipe and a nice piece for your bathroom, add fresh herbs into the bottle.

Recipe # 2-A Family Affair

For this recipe is perfectYou need the following ingredients:

1 liter of distilled water

½ cup Epsom salts

½ cup water softeners

Perfume (s) of your choice (in your beauty supply store or a craft. Check the bottle to see whether they are safe for human body).

First step: Add the Epsom salt and water softener salt for distilled water and allow to dissolve completely.

Second step: Cut the dough into the desired bottle.

Third step: Add a tablespoon
Fragrance oil for 8 ounces of liquid.

Step four: Shake!

This recipe is ideal for quick and easy gifts because he much body jets simultaneously. A large group of the family for Christmas gifts or favors to make, at a party. The only drawback is the fragrant oils do not dissolve completely in the liquid. With an opaque bottles of this problem is solved, but remember to shake well before each use.

Recipe # 3 Bug Spray

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